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I promised M.E.T.

Clowning for the camera at Thanksgiving (34,550 bytes)Kira & Maraina in my computer lab (38,830 bytes)Maraina over Kira (36,629 bytes)Kira and Maraina have a laugh for the camera (42,718 bytes)
Kira's got her back up (31,693 bytes)Twirling on the chairs (36,831 bytes)More twirling (40,707 bytes)Standing in front of Wilson Hall at The Haverford School (68,232 bytes)
The camera's a bit closer (65,104 bytes)Priscilla & offspring (44,029 bytes)Priscilla eating (44,467 bytes)Kira getting into the car (31,794 bytes)
Priscilla in the living room (44,742 bytes)Priscilla working on the computer (51,514 bytes)Maraina at Thanksgiving 2001 (35,805 bytes)Maraina on Priscilla with Kira and Devin in the background (38,059 bytes)
Kira plays Nintendo, Maraina waits, Devin watches (38,324 bytes)Kira plays, Maraina waits, Priscilla watches (38,816 bytes)Kira loves that Nintendo! (47,004 bytes)in Parking lot at Bruce's work (62,404 bytes)
Maraina sits on Kira (29,114 bytes)A real close up (23,236 bytes)Maraina grins (41,026 bytes)