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Sense of Allegiance

Alexander the Great wanted to do more than just conquer. He wanted his empire to last. To guard against revolts and invasions, Alexander founded many colonies in the Greek way. These colonies were made up of Alexander's soldiers, and he encouraged his soldiers to marry local people. He himself married one, and led by example.

The Greeks followed the lead of Alexander and most went on to marry local women.  This showed the respect and allegiance that the Greeks showed to Alexander.  The Greeks even built temples to Alexander.  The artisans made sculptures of Alexander and his head to show the respect they had for him.

Once Alexander kingdom split up into Antigonid Macedon, Ptolemaic Egypt, and Seleucid Syria internal revolts began to occur.  The people did not respect the new Kings as much as they did Alexander and the revolts later led to the fall of the Empires.