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Successfulness of the Empire


Alexader's empire spaned a great mass of people including Egypt, The Indus Valley, the Perisans and many others seen on the map above.  There were many resources that the conquered peoples contributed to Alexander's Empire.

Egypt and the Balck Sea Area: Grain
Attica: Olive Oil
Ionia+Syria: Wine
Byzantium: Salt Fish
Damascus: Prunes
Sidon: Glass
Dead Sea Area: Bituman
Paros and Attica: Marble
Tyre: Purple Dye
Thrace, Syria and Asia Minor: Slaves (Textbook)

After Alexander's death from malaria in 323 BC, his conquered empire divided into three fractions, Macedon and Greece, The Ptolemaic Kingom, and the Seleucid Empire. (Textbook)