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Alexander the Great and his Empire used Silver Tetradrachm for coins.  The coins featured a picture of Alexander wearing the royal diadem and ram's horns.  These both are symbolic of Zues Ammon.  The coins were the first gor of coins to have a picture of a human featured on the coin.  



Weights and Measures

The basic Greek unit was 'finger', that was equal to 3/4 inch (19.3 cm). 16 fingers = 1 foot, (30,8 centimeter). 24 fingers = 1 and a half feet ( or 1 Olympic cubit)

Soft items were measured in 'metretes'.. A 'metrete' was equal to 7 points (9.4 liters). The basic Greek unit of weight was a 'talent', that was equal to 57 pounds (25.8 kilograms). The Romans later adopted the Greek system of weights and measures.