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Public Works

    Although Alexander the Great was travelling most of his life, he brought people to build public works along with him.  Alexander brought with him technicians, road builders, surveyors, administrators, financial officers, and secratery-journalists.  Also Alexander brought geographers, botanists, zoologists, astronomers and mathematicians who collected information that formed the basis of the European knowledge of West Asia and India.  He also set up classes to teach the Persian people more about the culture of the Greeks.

    Alexander also set up Aleandria, a city in Egypt named after him.  He planned the city and set up the roads.  Some of the most famous things from Alexandria were the Royal Library and the Musuem.  Librarians presided over the half-million volumes (papyrus rolls) in the library.  The world's first textual critics edited the great works of Greek literature there too.  Archaeologists have not found the museum yet, but they have found the remnants of a daughter library near it.  It was surrounded by gardens, courts and a zoological park that had exotic animals from all parts of the Alexandrian empire.

Alexander the Great established graniries throughtout the lands he conquered.