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The Battle of Gaugamega


The Battle of Gaugamela took place in the summer of 331 B.C.E. Alexander the Great goes through north- east Syria. No later than July 10 he gets to Thapsacus on the Euphrates. Alexander the Great army had thirty-four thousand horsemen. He predicted that they would be tired by the time he reached Cunaxa. Then when in war they would fall easy and he would lose the battle. Alexander decided not to walk down stream, but instead he decided to walk across the Mesopotamia plain. Mazaeus watched Alexander do this and rode about Four hundred and forty miles back to Babylon to tell Darius what Alexander had done. One the way Alexander had captured some of the Persians spys and got them to tell the Persian plan. After capturing the spies and everything that was going on he decided to go in the direction of Abu Wajnam, which was forty miles to the north. On September 18 Alexander had reached Abu Wajnam. Spies had seen Alexander and fled to tell King Darius. King Darius decided to change his plans. He decided take his army to a village called Gaugamela, which was between Khazir river and the Nineveh ruins. Alexander scouts saw everything he did three miles away on low hills. This was a mistake by Darius by not taking over these low hills. Alexander crossed the Tigris river and Mazaeus calvary was there. Paeoniar soldiers  were sent to take care of the problem. Alexander made the Persians flee. After this they had aproxmintly forty- eight hours to rest. Darius layed eight miles away, and decided not to move. Since Darius decided not to move Alexander wanted his soldies to be well rested, so he gave them four days of rest. During these four days of rest; Darius tried to smuggle in notes that Alexander troops should kill Alexander. These notes were destroyed before they got to the army. Alexander's camp was proctected by a ditch. Darius tried setting a treaty with Alexander. He offered all lands west of the Euprates. Alexander saw Darius army for the first time, and he was outnumbered. He was out numbered five to one. Darius had 47,000 armed calvary compared to alexanders 7,250 armed calvary. His strategy was to protect hs rear flanks and to make his front line calvary look smaller than it really is. September 30th, Alexander and darius armies move  closer and finally reached each other. Alexander plan was amazing and work perfectly. His left wing tried to suck the persians into a flank. Darius acted first to start the battle. Darius told his army to attack the right wing. Alexander knew that he was going to do this and was ready. Alexander outnumbered was holding the Persians. Darius then told the Chariorts to go. Alexader front line had armored troops with spears took down the horses. Paremenio was engaged with Mazaeus, who was fighting a defensive system. Alexader saw a space in Darius's left wing. Alexander took action and charged with the remaining soldies of his army. This had worked, but the right side could be outflanked. Alexander then called a retreat, but at the same time Darius was about to flee. The Persian's were dragged in and the frontline was mudilized. Alexander was not able to kill Darius. He chased Darius party, but took a break for a couple of hours. During Alexader rest Darius had traveled 75 miles and the time they had reached Arbela Darius was gone. Darius fled to the Armenian mountains and rested to let sagglers catch up. This battle had torn him to parts and his army. He had never recover after this war.    

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