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Stable Empire
    The Macedonian Empire started with Philip II. He reigned from 359-336.  During this time he built up the army and greatly increased the empire. He was murdered in 336 and the empire was passed on to his son Alexander. Under the lead of Alexander the empire expanded even more. However in 323 BCE he died. Before he died he was asked who was he leaving the empire to he said “To the strongest.” From this the generals into three smaller kingdoms, Greek, Seleucid, and Ptolemaic spilled the empire (WorldHistorypp122-126).
    Seleucus became king of what is currently Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. The capitals where Antioch in Syria and Seleucia in Iraq. Seleucus was king from 312 to 280. When he died he gave the empire to his descendants. They lost some of their territory in Iran. However king Antiochus III gained these territories back and gained Palestine. In 196 the Romans defeated the Seleucus Empire (Seceucid).
    In Egypt the Macedonian general was Ptolemy. When Alexander died he started the Ptolemaic Empire in 306 BCE. The culture was Greek. The empire lasted under Ptolemaic Pharaohs. The last was Cleopatra whose suicide in 30 BCE ended the empire. After the Romans took total control (ptolemaicperiod).
     In Greece there was different empires in the reign. The most famous was Antigonus II. He received the kingdom after his father died in 283 BCE. He started his role as king by defeating the Gaul’s in Thrace. However Ptolemy II attacked him. Also a group of Greek city-states attacked him in the Chremonidean wars from 266-262. He won and had all of Greece united, but he did not have peace for long. Because the Achaean League took some power from him in 251. Upon his

  death in 239 he gave the throne to his son Demertius II.  The empire would last until about 200 BCE when Rome took over.(Antigonus)