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                          Hellenistic Literature

                        Even though there was a lot of literary production during the Hellenistic Era,
             there were no famous masterpieces produced. Literature of the time period was
             intended to amuse the reader instead of educating him. However, one notable
             piece of literature includes the "New Comedy," with Menander (340-291 B.C.),
             which was developed in Athens. The "New Comedy" consisted of more than 100

                    One noted poet of the time period includes the Sicilian Theocritus. Theocritus
              resided in Alexanderia under Ptolemy II. He devoted a lot of his time to writing
              "mimes" which were brief skits where several actors mimicked characters of every-
              day life. Mimes were very popular during the Hellenistic Age. Much of the literature
              of the time period were amusing pieces.