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Architecture of The Han Dynasty

Taoist forms of Architecture

Taoist architecture has multiple types of  religious and realistic structures according to different functions or daily religious services.  A palace for worship and sacrifice is often created as well as an  altar for praying and offering,   There were also living  for Taoist abbes and garden for visitors.




Buddhist Forms of Architecture

       The Buddhist made tall temples used for worship and for holding important texts and housing the highest religious leaders. Many of these Shrines or temples are called Pagodas mostly found in China while some are found in india. Each pagoda is different in some way than other pagodas around it.  Some have different sculptures while others are taller or wider than neighboring temples. There are different methods of classification. The temples often have different shapes to classified with.  Pagodas often have a square, hexagonal, octagonal, twelve sided and circular buildings.  The buildings can range in size from single story buildings up to large nine stories terraces.  Pagonas are often made of wood brick and stone and then decorated with different types of  such as gold, silver, bronze, iron and other metallic and glazed substances.

(multitere temples)


Wider More elaborate pagonas

Great Wall of China

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