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    After the death of Emperor Wu in 87 B.C. a family by the name of Wang seized political power. The most educated of the Wang family, Wang Mang, seized the throne in 9 A.D. He was the first emperor of the new dynasty that he called the Xin Dynasty(New Dynasty). As a result of his reign the Yellow River bgan to flood. Two massive floods of the Yellow River resulted in the deaths of thousands and the starving of millions of the now homeless. These homeless peasents decided to form a bandit group known as the Red Eyebrow. In 18 A.D. the Red Eyebrow truned into a rebellion to overthrow Wang Mang. In 23 A.D. the former Han Dynasty decided to join in the fight. The Han armies and the Red Eyebrow marched on Chang'ang. They seized the capital and executed Wang Mang.
    In 184 A.D. a man named Zhang Jiao lead 360,000 of his followers on an assault on the Han capital. He sought to rescue the people of Han from the harsh taxes imposed by Emperor Ling. The Yellow Turbans took control of the palace. Emperor Ling sent out messages asking for help to save the Han Empire. Several people came to help defeat the Yellow Turbans. Among these people were Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Jian, and Dong Zhou. When the Yellow Turban Rebellion had ceased the Allies had defeated the Yellow Turbans. Seizing the opportunity, Dong Zhou seized power in the Han Empire. Dong Zhou's power quickly grew through a web of deceit. Cao Cao caught on to Dong Zhou and organized an attack on Dong Zhou. Dong Zhou managed to escape the attack and bruned the capital, Luoyang, down. He set himself a new capital, Meiwu. Here Lu Bu, once one of Dong Zhou's generals, assassinated Dong Zhou. After this occured many wars broke out between different land over the dispuite of who should have the throne. From these wars emerged the Three Kingdoms. These kingdoms were known as the Wei kingdom,headed by Cao Cao, the Wu kingdom, headed by Sun Jain, and the Shu kingdom, headed by Liu Bei. The break up of the Han Dynasty was in 220 A.D.