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Sense Of Allegiance

     In Chandragupta’s day he used have people send “game”, animals, into the forest and he used to shot them, this was his favorite diversion. Either the citizens

didn’t like Chandragupta or Chandragupta thought that the citizens didn’t like him because to avoid assassins, he slept in a different bed every night. Asoka also

feared the citizens.

After Asoka defeated his older brother he had all of his other brothers killed and any possible rivals killer, too. Asoka might have felt threatened because his other

brothers and his rivals might have had control and if he didn’t kill them too they might have come after him. Asoka thought that his rule was so great that he people

build pillars for him and engrave his laws and pronouncements throughout the empire and during social and public gatherings he would have officials read them so that

everyone remember Asoka and that everyone respect, love, and praise him. Asoka also cared for the people. He had people build the citizens botanical gardens to

cultivate medicinal plants and hospitals for people and animals. And finally he held parties for the citizens which included eating, dancing, drinking, and watching

performances because he thought they were immoral. But he also created a new line of officials who went around and made sure that everyone obey and like

Asoka’s code of behavior. These officials were allowed to do what ever they wanted to, they were allowed to go into the citizens private lives even if they were the

emperors brothers or sisters. 

                        World History: Upshur, Terry, Holoka, Goff, and Cassar