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Weights of the Mauryan Empire

The basic weight of ancient India was the raktika, the bright red seed of the guja, which was equal to about .118 grams. The goldsmith's scale given by Manu, which was the most widley followed, was:

5 raktikas = 1 masa
16 masaa = 1 karsa, tolaka, or suvarna
4 karsas = 1 pala
10 palas = 1 dharana

The weight of the pala was about 1 1/3 oz., or 37.76 grams. Of heavier weights the cheif were the prastha, ususally given as of 16 palas, and the drona of 16 prasthas. The prastha was about 21 oz., and the drona 21 1/4 lb. (A.L. Basham)