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The Geography of the Mauryan Empire

The Mauryan Empire was located in what is now modern day India

The Mauryan Empire around 300 B.C.E.

The Mauryan Empire, During Ashoka's Reign


Modern Day area of the Mauryan Empire

Modern Geographic Status of Mauryan Empire

Natural Resources of the Mauryan Empire

    The Mauryan Empire had many resources that they imported and exported.  The Mauryan Empire's exports were cloth, timber, ivory, tortiseshell, spices, and semiprecious stones.  Wool and cotton.  Wool and cotton was used to make tunics and pants used by various people.  Wool and cotton were very plentiful in northwestern India, and towards central India textiles were of lightweight cotton, tulapansi.  ( and Dyes)  Timber could have been used to make buildings, and can be traded for other goods, because timber is always a necessity.  Ivory is used mostly for art work but is sometimes used for making weapons and other tools.  Tortiseshell  was used to make combs, birdcages, and jewelry, due to its strength.  Spices were also a very important export of the Mauryan Empire.  The Mauryans also exported several other types of semiprecious stones, valuable jewels, and jewels that they have crafted.  These jewels were sapphires, topaz, diamonds, and cat’s - eyes.  These sapphires, topaz, diamonds, and cat's-eyes were were embedded or sometimes strung in various ways and worn as ornaments.(  The Mauryans were very advanced in their craftsmenship of their valuable jewels.  Pearls and gold were also very popular jewels used by the Mauryans.  

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