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     Required service of the Mauryan Empire began with acquiring a military force in order to continue the expansion the empire. Chandragupta and his minister Chanakya recruited an army of people from the Punjab.  The Punjab were the men who had resisted the forces of Alexander The Great who overthrew the present government of India. Further down the line of  the Mauryan Dynasty, Asoka used his grandfather's previous army to conquer neighboring territories in order to expand the empire. Asoka was smart in his tactics of warfare in that he only fought territories that he could conquer in a day and avoided the stronger armies that could be a threat. These tactics greatly expanded the Mauryan Empire, but the expansion halted after Asoka  turned to Buddhism. Unfortunately Buddhism could not stop the devastating fall of the empire. In conclusion, the required service for the Mauryan Empire did not meet the needs for sustaining an empire.  It is mainly for this  reason the Dynasty only lasted about 200 years.


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