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Legal Code

Asoka law

The Mauryan Empire was a well-governed state that presented the first large and centrallized state in India. It had an autocracy among the top leaders and a democraxy among the villagers. Above is a picture of one of the fourteen rock edits written by Asoka. All of Asoka's law code was written on pillars to make them public. These fourteen edicts are very similar to the ten commandments. It banned murder, required respect for the mother and father, and also had some oringinal aspects. One of which was that only three animals would be allowed to be killed and served as food. They were the two peacock and one deer. It also states that India should be Buddhist, but should know the doctrines of other religions. There were also many other edicts in this law code. Asoka's edicts were mainly concerned with the reforms he instituted and the moral principles he recommended in his attempt to create a just and humane society. (Ven. S. Dhammika) For more on the Mauryan government click Here.