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Roman Art consisted of beautiful sculptures and statues of humans.  The arts pictured many famous peoples from great leaders to Roman gods.  The Roman art was appreciated so much that it served as the decoration of Rome and is still gazed upon in awe today.

Jupiter- The most powerful and famous god of the Romans is presented here as a head statue.  The head statues like pitured below were often used to identify someone and praise them without having to make a full body statue.  By just making the head sculpture you can focus all of the attention and praise of the characters face.

Ceres- Ceres was the Roman god of harvest.  This is a statue of her depicted below.  The Roman artists were very detailed in there statues and sculptures.  Many Roman artists remain anonymous since art was so common during ancient times.  This statue of Ceres shows how detailed and careful the roman artists worked.  

Caesar- Julius Caesar was a great ruler of Rome.  He attempted to become king and make his power become almighty over the Roman senate. He is known all throughout the world.  This face sculpture depicts his face.  It serves almost as a picture into the past so we can imagine what he looked like.  His face is carved with great precision that makes it art.

Bacchus- Bacchus was the god of deep thoughtfullness and jolity(Illustrated History of the Roman Empire).  Notice the fine precision and detail of the grapes and in his beard.  The Romans valued preciseness in their art

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