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                                                        The first ancient Roman law system was based on the Twelve Tables. These tables were written

                                                 by the ten consuls around 450 B.C  and they were basic laws for the governing of Rome. They dealt mostly

                                                 with crime and property and the basis for decisions in trial  based on the situation of the crime or arguement.

                                                  Laws added later on dealt with conditions and rules of marriage.
                                                         During the Roman Republic, Rome was held under a basic constitution. Although the constitution was

                                                   not written out, the officers and the senate helped to enforce the law and judge it. A variety of jobs such as
                                                    praetors, which judged cases, and tribunes, who protected the rights of the plebians under the laws created
                                                    by  the senate which was managed by consuls.  
                                                        In the Roman empire, the emperor was the ruler of all law and people. When the emperor took all

                                                    of  the senate's power, the senators remained to advise him.The senators maintained a stable truce with

                                                    the emperors until the revolt against Nero in 69 A.D.

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