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Materials & Manpower

©1995, 1996, 1997, The Dalton School
Map of Trade Routes

Materials Attained c.100

    Britain- Hides, Iron, Tin, Grain
    Gaul- Ham, wool, cheese, glass, grain
    Spain- Silver, Copper, gold, tin, fruit, salt
    North Africa- Gold, Ivory, Wild Animals
    Egypt- Grain
    Northern Europe- Ham, wool, Cheese
    Greece- Marble, Honey, Cheese
    Asia- Textiles, olive oil, jewels, carpets, cotton, medicines, pearls, perfume, silk, spices, leather, timber.

Roman Empire at fullest extent.

World History on file, Early Civilizations: classical Empires, Trade in the Roman World 3.56
The Roman Empire at its Greatest Extent, © J. Vanderspoel, Department of Greek, Latin and Ancient History, University of Calgary, March 19, 2003


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