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Public Works

    Roman architecture for their monuments was influence by the Greeks, containing many columns.  The Romans put their own touch into their architecture that made it beautiful and distinct.    

The Colosseum-  a Roman stadium that hosted many                  
 sporting events such as the Gladiator matches.  Roman
citizens and foreigners gathered for the spectacular events
and did not leave empty handed.  Bread and wheat was
provided for most in attendance.

Roman Baths- the Roman Baths were gathering areas where people could meet and discuss politics and daily lives.  Events could be planned during this time as well as religious groups could meet and pray to the Roman gods.  The baths were also used for bathing.  Often senate members could be found in these baths discussing the modern events of that time.

The Pantheon- A Roman temple of worship and a dedication to the gods and godesses of Ancient Roman times.  Romes citizens and others would gather during all times of the day to worship in the monument.  It is now currently a Christian church.

Circus Maximus-  The circus maximus served the purpose of an arena.  The citizens and many peoples of Rome would gather for chariot races.  Chariot races could often be brutal and could end in result with multiple deaths of humans and horses.  A normal chariot event would consist of a rider and several horses racing around the circular track shown below.

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