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Gaius Mucius Scaevola

                                     Mucius Scaevola was a brave Roman citizen who was caught in his attempt to kill Lars Porsenna, a

                            Etruscan king trying to take Rome, and end the threat of the Etruscans forever. Scaevola tried to
                             assassinate the wrong man and was caught as a Roman spy. When he was questioned, he stuck his

                             right hand into burning coals and fire to show that he would endure any pain and not betray Rome.
                            Impressed with this feat, Lars released him and sent him back to Rome. The Romans were so

                            amazed by his allegiance to Rome that they nicknamed him "Scaevola" or "lefty". He was made a
                            hero and the Romans strove to acheive his loyalty to his country.

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