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Service of the People

    The service of the people of Rome was very important and kept everyday life going the way it was.  Jobs ranged from being a merchant all the way up to being a member of the powerful senate of Rome.

The Census- The Census was the claim and almost in a sense registry of a man's family and his possessions.  The Census meant a man had to declare everything such as his family, his prized possessions, and his slaves.  If a man did not then his unregistered possessions would be confiscated from him (Roman Society, Roman Life).  Registering for the census garunteed citizenship and would keep citizens inline because censors, the men of noble blood who advised everything, would be able to tell if someone commited  crime.  The census was a way of keeping people in line.

Education-  To be a true Roman citizen you had to be well educated and a "social butterfly".  The people of Rome's daily lives consisted of mathematical and other educational skills such as reading (Roman Society, Roman Life).  The Roman senate members were all literate and very smart men.  To become one of the senate members it was necessary to have these skills.  Education was highly appreciated by the Romans and was looked upon as a necessity for the Roman citizens.


Senate- Roman senate members were well educated and were liked by the citizens of Rome.  Only true born Romans could become senate members.  People were always watched to see who was favored (Roman Society, Roman Life).  To become a senate member you had to be smart, but for the most part you had to move your way into the hearts of the citizens.  By getting everyone to like you and favor you meant having a big advantage and a pleasant life.  By being favored by the people you could move your way into being one of the senate members and making large decisions for Rome.
Men- The lives of men were similar to those of today's society.  Men worked six hour days.  The jobs of men varied differently, but for the most part the men did the work to make money for their families.  Many men worked at the Ostia.  The Ostia was a place of "hustle and bustle".  It was the place where anything coming in for trade from over seas or anything about to be shipped out was located (Roman Society, Roman Life).  Jobs ranged from labourers to bureaucrats.  Labourers' jobs were to unload or load up ships.  The bureaucrats jobs were to advise and check everything.  A man's position in a job led almost to a heirarchy.


Women- Women's lives were not as fortunate as they are today.  Women were not looked upon with equal rights.  They stayed home and tended to the house and children, completing any necessary chores.  The women of ancient Rome's future was held in their father or guardian's hand.  The guardian of the girl would choose their husband.  Girls when they were young were given the same right to education and were educated with the boys but would often not continue their education unless they were the member of an aristocratic family (Roman Society, Roman Life).  


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