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The Roman Empire was a command and conquer type of empire. Between 264 and 202 BCE Rome acquired its first provinces of Sicily, Corsica and Sardinia in the first and second Punic Wars. In 146 BCE Rome captured and destroyed Carthage and Corinth as well as acquiring the African Coast, Spain, Macedonia and Greece. In 133 King Attalus, the king of Pergamum, died and left all of his land to Rome. Pompey, a great Roman military general, conquered Asia Minor, Syria, and Palestine in 63 BCE to add to the growing empire. Pompey's predecesor, Julius Caesar then conqured Gual between 58-51 BCE. The classic army, commanded by Augustus conquered Egypt in 30 BCE. In 43 CE Emperor Cluadius obtained the southern half of Britain and in 106 CE Trajan also brought Dacia into the Roman Empire. The last territory to be brought under Roman control would be Armenia and the Euprates valley when it was conquered by Trajan between 114 and 117 BCE.     

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