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Roman Sense of Allegiance


Many of you have probably heard the Jesuite phrase, Ad maiorem deae gloriam, which means For the greater glory of God. That actually comes from a latin phrase that was spoken by the Roman soldiers as they were going into battle. They would all chant at the same time, Ad maiorem Romae gloriam, which means For the greater glory of Rome. The soldiers would sacrifice and do anything and everything in order to win the battle for Rome. A mother would even tell her son, "Either come back bearing your sheild or on it." If a soldier came back with his shield and his war symbol then that would mean that he was victorious in his fight. The greatest shame to you and your family was to run or be captured and put into slavery. If you knew Rome was to be defeated you would fall on your sword in order to die in the greatest honor of all, serving Rome.

An honorable death

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