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Key Webpage Rules

Start out by creating a separate folder for your mini-website. Use that folder EXCLUSIVELY for all Webpage and image files.

Your main Webpage should be name index.htm, not index.html, not Index.htm, and not Index.html. Webpage file names are case sensitive.

Filenames should be all lowercase with no spaces. Use correct filenames the first time that you save.

Filenames may include only lowercase letters, numbers, and underscores.

Hypertext Links and Image Links to your own files must be set up so that the URL is relative to page position. Otherwise, they will not work.

If you need Netscape Composer to compose Web Pages at home, you can download Netscape 7 at:  

Word files and PowerPoint files are not Web pages and will not be uploaded as part of the Website.

You may compose Web Pages using Microsoft Word or Front Page, but you will need to make sure that all of your links are relative links. Beware: setting up relative links is a bit more difficult with these Microsoft products.

Don't expect everyone who views your Webpages to have the same size screen as you do. Screen sizes and resolutions vary between computers.

If you change text or background colors, be sure to pick colors that contrast.

Your Webpage will not be uploaded unless you have followed all directions above and all of your links work.

When it's time to turn in your Web pages, I will have you rename your folder to check to see if your links work. Renaming your Web folder is an effective way to check whether your links are set up properly. You can do this before I do it

If you have questions or need help, Mr. Adams is in the lab daily before school from about 8:00 to 8:30, during lunch A and lunch B, and after school.  (Check with Mr. Adams about availability after school, since he sometimes needs to go to afternoon faculty meetings.)  If none of these times works for you, see Mr. Adams to make an appointment.

You can find this Web page on Mr. Adams' website:  Look for Criteria for Empire Project on the opening page of the Website.