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Presentation Skills
Microsoft PowerPoint 97

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Microsoft PowerPoint 97
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Basic PC Operation


It is important tp make sure that you maintain backups of your files in case of disk failure. Saving a presentation in two places can help, particular if you are saving to two different disks.

After saving a presentation, you can save it to a second location by going to the menu bar and selecting:
       File | Save As

In the resultant dialog box, look at the top of the dialog box and change the Save in location to another drive and/or folder which you've identified as the second location of the file. Then click on Save to complete saving the file to the second location.

If your presentation includes linked graphic files, these files should also be copied to the new location in order to preserve the links (or to allow you to more easily recreate the links if the links get broken in the future).

Use the links below for tips on how to perform other Presentation functions using Microsoft PowerPoint 97.

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