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Word Processing Skills
Microsoft Word 97

Adams Toolkit:
Word Find function
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Basic PC Operation


When working in a long document, the word find function allows you to quickly find a particular spot in the document. If you are looking for a particular sentence, try to identify the one word that is most unique to that sentence and search for that one word. When doing a search, be aware that Word only searches for exact matches. Searching for multiple words can create problems because of the increased potential for typos.

To start the find function, press {Ctrl - F}

Of go to the menu bar and select:
       Edit | Find
(as shown in the first graphic below)

In the resultant Find and Replace dialog box, make sure that the Find tab is active and type in the word(s) that you want to find. Then click on Find Next. If the word is found, but you want to keep searching, click on Find Next again until you find the occurence of the word that you seek.


Use the links below for tips on how to perform other Microsoft Word 97 functions.

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