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Word Processing Skills
Microsoft Word 97

Adams Toolkit:
Save a Word document
In the Lab
On your PC

Self Assessment

Basic PC Operation


To save a file, go to the menu bar and select:
       File | Save

If the file already has a name, there may be a brief flash on the screen to indicate that the file has been saved. However, in many cases the process is so quick that it is not noticeable at all.

If the file is new, the Save As dialog box will appear. Identify and select the drive and folder to which you want to save the file. Then click on Save. (A shortcut to save a fiie is {Ctrl S}.)

If you wish to save the file with a different name or change the location of a file, use the Save As command. From the menu bar, select:
       File | Save As

Use the links below for tips on how to perform other Microsoft Word 97 functions.

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