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    Alexander the Great was born in 356BCE. His father was Phillip II, who was the king of Macedonia at that time. Alexander was a student under Aristotle, who taught Alexander many things, including reading and writting. Alexander fled from Macedon when his father married a much younger woman, and finallyreturned after his fathers assassination in 336BCE. Immediatly, upon his return, Alexander was crowned king and eliminated all other rivals for the thrown. The Illyeians, a rival group, attacked Macedon at almost the same time that Alxander became king, but were almost immediately defeated by Alander's massive armies. Alexander began his campaign to defeat all neighbors and create a massive empire after the Illyeians' defeat. Alexander destroyed Persia first, adoption his father's vision of defeating the Barbarian ruler. Alexander also took Greece, and headed an allied army to continue his conquests. Glorified by his victories, Alexander moved to capture Syria. After occupying this area for many years, the Syrians were finally defeated, and Alexander was named Pharoh of this region.
    Now, with Greece and the Balkan Peninsula secured, Alexander was free to continue expanding. He set his sights on controlling the entire Persian Empire. It took Alexander only a year to wear the empire's forces down, and finally captured all of the Persian Empire in 332. He then moved to Egypt. Egypt was taken with no resistance and quickly fell to Alexander's rule. After Egypt, he took Babylon.
   Internal unrest cost Alexander the Great a large price. The son of one of his generals was said to be implicated in some illegal activities at that time and Alexander sentenced him to death. This further angered the soldiers. Even so , Alexander continued the conquest.
    Also in the year 332, Alexander the Great conquered Jerusalem. With this, his massive empire was almost complete. Lastly, Alexander marched through Afganistan, slaughtering all villages, and ending his campaign at Susa in 324BCE.
    Alexander the Great died of a fever in 323BCE, at the age of only 33. He completed a massive empire by force and military brilliance. His empire holds for many years until most of it was taken over by the Romans.