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3 Events

1. Rebuilt the Temple of Jerusalem in 20 BCE, along with new buildings of the royal palace, market place, amphitheater, and a religious house for the Sanhedrin. He did all of these buildings throughout his reign and most of the buildings took place between 31 and 18 BCE.

2. Herod’s flees to Rome during war between Rome and Parthians, as govener of Galilee. Herod speaks with the roman senate who instate him as ruler of Jerusalem. They escort him to the palace, and he becomes King.

3.  Herod produced coinage, and taxation along with a great port city of Caesarea. He stabilized both taxation and coinage throughout his rule. He organized and raised a total of 700 Talents in order to pay tribute to Cassius after Ceasers death in order to ally with Rome.