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Relationship to Jerusalem

         Nebuchadnezzar’s reign as king had many things to do with Jerusalem.  When he came into power his empire ruled over Jerusalem.  His kingdom did not have the same religion as the Jews so of course they did not like being ruled by someone that was trying to enforce his religion on them.  So, the Jews revolted after Nebuchadnezzar was defeated in a battle by an Egyptian pharaoh named Necho in 601 BCE.  This may have influenced the first Judaean revolt in 597 BCE.  Nebuchadnezzar quickly destroyed the revolt but nine years later in 588 BCE there was a second Judaean revolt.  He put this revolt down in 587 BCE then proceeded to deport all of the Jewish nobles to Babylon so that they would not start anymore uprisings.  The next year in 586 BCE Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem and the first temple in Jerusalem.
Major Events in his Life
Relationship to Jerusalem
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