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            Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus was born in Antium in 37 AD.  His parents were Aggrippina and Cnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus.  Lucius, who later changed his name to Nero Claudius Caesar, was very smart and was a good student as a child, he used his cleverness to get on the good side of the senate, which can help him later in his life.  His mother, Aggrippina married a total of three times.  The first marriage gave her Nero, the second gave her money, and the third marriage gave her power, as it enabled Nero to become emperor.  Aggrippina’s third marriage, displayed a lot of the problems that she had.  In the third marriage, when she was married to Claudius, she first forces Claudius to adopt Nero as his son.  Then she poisons Claudius’ son Britannicus to make sure that Nero will have no competition for the throne when Claudius is gone.  Next she kills Claudius, in 54 AD, and then Nero becomes emperor.  Once Nero becomes emperor he orders to have his mother killed in 59 AD.  In 62 AD Nero divorces Octavia from his first marriage and remarries to the younger Poppaea.
            The next major event in Nero’s life is the burning of Rome in 64 AD. When this happened there was a lot of suspicion that Nero had been involved, especially because he had burned buildings down at other times in his life, but he blamed the burning of the Christians, and denied any involvement.   Although Nero was never accused of burning Rome, after this point Nero’s rule was on a fast decline.  Nero was no longer popular and there were conspiracies against him.  In 65 AD Seneca, his tutor as a child, and Lucan, a poet, formed a conspiracy against him and were forced to commit suicide when Nero found this out.  Nero also kicks and beats his wife to death during this time.  By 68 AD Nero had worn out his welcome, and knew he was soon going to be killed.  He fled to the House of Freedom, four miles away from Rome where he killed himself before the soldiers had the opportunity to kill him.  Nero was the last Julio-Claudian emperor.