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Affect on Jerusalem

    During the reign of Nero he paid little attention to the growing troubles in the Middle East.  Greedy governors began looting and taking money from the Jewish people.  Since the times of Tiberias the Jews had to deal with the intolerant Romans.  Corrupted men like Gessuis Florus stole money from the great temples and treasuries, had his troops raid the Jewish markets and destroy, and finally capture 3600 men, women, and children and he had them slaughtered.  Finally the Jews had had enough so in 67 AD the revolt began lead by the Zealots and the Sicarii (an elite group of warriors).  Not long after the rebels had control of Jerusalem and the neighboring cities. Cestius Gallus lead the 12th legion from Antioch to recapture Judea.  The Jews slaughtered them and chased them back.  Finally they surrendered and the Jews slaughtered 400 of their men.  Herod Agrippa sent 2000 riders to help the Jewish cause.  When Nero gets word of this massacre he is outraged.  So Nero sends his most abled general, General Vespasian an excellent military strategist.  General Vespasian arrived with 3 legions and swiftly destroyed Galilee.  In 68 AD Nero commits suicide and General Vespasian becomes emperor. He sails beck and with 80,000 troops begins to take siege of the heavily fortified.  Since the Romans can only attack the one side they begin to pummel the tall walls.  They crushed the first wall and a few days later crushed the second.  Their final tactic was starvation and lack of supplies.  Soon the Jews where throwing dead bodies over.  Then in 70 AD Titus offer to spare the temple in the last rebels would come out and fight.  The rebels to not obey and burn the temple themselves.  So then the first temple is burned.