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Alexander the Great


    - Father's name was  Phillip Philippou                                   Phillip
                  It is believed that Phillip II was assassinated while hosting a ball by one of his body guards.  Phillip ruled from 359-336 B.C.E in Macedonia.
                  Alexander never had a very good relationship with his father, but was very close to his mother.
    - Mother's name was Olympias  Philippou                                   Olympius
                   Had a very good relationship with son Alexander. Told Alexander that he was the decedent of the mythical war hero Achilles.

Alexander's Life the Early Years

- Born July 20, 356 B.C.E in Pella.
-Alexander liked drama, the flute and the lyre, poetry and hunting.
-Educated by Aristotle starting at age 13 until the age of 16.
-Alexander never got along well with his father.
-At age 16 father Phillip gave him permission to rule Macedonia  in his absence.


Adult life Timeline
-340 BCE raid on Maedi and the foundation of Alexandropolis.
-335 BCE, Alexander stormed Thebes, demolished it, and sold the 30,00 inhabitants of the city into slavery.
-334 BCE Alexander the Great advances into asia minor
-333 BCE Alexander moves his forces into Phoenicia
-332 BCE Alexander entered Egypt, liberated it from the Persians, and was named Pharaoh.
    -Alexander invades Jerusalem
-331 BCE Founded Alexandria on the western edge of the Nile Delta.
-Winter of 331-330 BCE Alexander captured Babylon and Susa.
-327 BCE married Roxanne, a princess from Bactria.
-326 BCE Macedonians rebell and refuse to push forward anymore
    -Alexander subdued the small uprise in approximately one year
-Death in June 10, 323 B.C

-Educated by Aristotle                                           thinker
-Aristotle's idea of small state government was not an idea that Alexander, the future conqueror of the ancient world,  accepted.
-Aristotle spurred an interest in Alexander to pursue reading and learning, and young Alexander showed a great
amount of interest in philosophy, science, and medicine.

Relation To Jewish History and/or Jerusalem
-Relations were good between Alexander and the Jewish People
    -As a result of this many Jewish families name their children Alexander
- In Babylon a coin was minted after the hero where there was an extensive Jewish Population
-Alexander visited Jerusalem after the siege of Try, and was so impressed with the prophecies of Daniel that he granted the Jews peculiar privileges.
-Alexander the Great invades Jerusalem in 332 BCE.

Pic of the coins

Map of Conquests

Palestine Invasion


By: Tyler Flint and Matt Grossman