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Three Major events in Antiochus Epiphane's life

Greek Hostage becomes King of Syria

In 175 B.C.E Antiochus Epiphanes was seated in a ivory chair.  He pronounced judgment and would also decide disputes among his people in regarding minute matters.  He always had a royal spirit, in that he gave donations to cities and also donations to the gods.  He had many great deeds for the gods including the temple of Olympian  Jove in Athens, Greece.  He adorned Delos with altars and statues.  He erected a phenomenal temple to Capitoline Jove, that was painted with ceilings of gold and walls covered in glided panels.  Overall he was a great king, and conquered many other superior kings throughout his rule.

Jerusalem Occupied and Hellenized

In 167 B.C.E Antiochus Epiphanes sent one of his captains to charge tribute in the cities of Judah.  He set a fire to the city, destroying houses and all the walls surrounding Jerusalem.  He took women and children captive and took the animals.  Then the Greeks built the city of David, known for its gigantic walls and strongly built towers, this became their citadel.  The king sent messengers to hand-deliver scrolls to the people of Jerusalem and the cities of Judah, ordering these people to adopt customs not known by the land; to prohibit holocausts and sacrifices in the sanctuary.

Greeks Crucify Dissident Jews

The Jews followed the Syrian Kings orders, some of them were voluntarily but also through fear of paying the penalty announced.  The noblest and best-born persons did not concern him but held native customs for more than the penalty that he threatened for those who did not obey his orders.  For this they all died subject to their bitter tortures. Their bodies were brutally beat and crucified while still alive.  But their wives and children were circumcised by the kings policy.  The children hung from the necks of the crucified fathers.  

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