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Cyrus last expedition brought him to modern Khazakhstan, where he fought against a nomadic tribe called Massagetes. The news of his death in battle reached Babylon in December 530 BCE, where letters were dated the first year of the reign of king Cambyses, because Cyrus had appointed his son Cambyses as his successor. (The mother of  Cambyses was Cassadane)

Cyrus was buried near Pasargadae, in a small building containing a gold sarcophagus, his arms, his jewellery and a cloak. This cloak played an important role in the Persian inauguration rituals . When Persia was subjected by the Macedonian king Alexander the Great, many sacred objects were taken away to prevent the coronation of of an anarya, a foreigner; Cyrus body was desacrated by throwing it on the ground. Alexander ordered restorations in January 324 BCE.
    Because Cyrus the Great did not have a son, there was a struggle for succession.  After the struggle it was concluded that a general named Darius should succeed Cyrus the Great.