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About the Authors

W. Stuart Rogers, a fine young man, was born in Bryn Mawr hospital on the bright morning of May 1, 1988.  Aspiring to be a great general, the young squire attended the Upper Merion school district.  Tired of the antics of his fellow classmates, W. not only switched schools and began attending The Haverford School, but moved all together to Haverford.  He is currently learning rocket science and riding horses horses in his spare time while still curing young children from thrid world countries of cancer.

Andrew P. Pickens, the king himself, began his favorable life in Abington Memorial Hospital on July 14, 1988. With a great education out of the Upper Merion school district, he began writing short novels in his spare time.  It is believed that Stephen Hawking's A Breif History of Time, was stolen from Andrew's fourth grade science paper.  Upset by this monstrocity, Andrew moved schools to meet his friend W. at the Haverford School.  There he found his true love of meditating and exploring the universe through imagination.