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Nero the Insane


 AD 37
December 15- Nero was born in Antium, Italy

AD 50, February 25
- Claudius adopts Nero as his son

AD 54- Nero is emperor at 17 years old

AD 55- Britannicus, son of Emperor Claudius, dies (Nero poisoned him)

AD 59- Aggrippa the Younger is put to death by Nero
           - Nero becomes crazy

AD 62- Nero banishes and then kills his wife Octavia

AD 64- The Great Fire of Rome occurs
           - Persecution of Christians begin

AD 65- Work begins on Nero's "Golden House" (becomes 1/3 of Rome)
           - Nero kills anyone suspected of treason

AD 66- Rebellion in Judea, First Jewish revolt against Rome

AD 67- Nero makes Judea consular imperial province
           - Nero appoints Vespasian to head campaign against Jews

AD 68, June - Nero is forced to commit suicide