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Nero was born on December 15, AD 37. His mother was called Agrippina the Younger; his father was called Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus. In AD 49 Nero became the emperor’s stepson when Claudius had his wife executed for adultery and then married Agrippina. Claudius died in AD 54, so Nero found himself emperor of Rome at 16 years old. By law, Nero could not rule the empire because he was too young, so his mother had to advise him and make all of the important decisions. Nero had very strict penalties. Nero soon became involved in music and theater and less interested in ruling Rome. His mother disapproved greatly and voiced her opinion openly. As a result, Nero tried to kill Agrippina by giving her a defective boat, but Agrippina swam to shore. Therefore, Nero then hired an assassin to kill her. Soon after, Nero had his wife, Octavia, killed in AD 62.  In July of AD 64 there was a fire in the Circus Maximus, which was the place where the chariot races were held. People believed that Nero started the fire because he wanted to expand his palace, so when the fire occurred, he had people stay in his gardens. Nero quickly put the blame on Christians, then arrested people who believed in Christianity.  Nero started to go to Greece very often because he preferred their civilization and culture. He then played in almost every contest in Greece. Nero did not come back to Rome for 15 months.  Nero soon found out that the people in Rome were starting to hate him. When he came back the Senate decided to order that Nero should be killed. Nero soon realized that the only safety he could get was by leaving the city. The city found out and not before long he was caught and arrested. As soon as that happened Nero stabbed himself in the throat with a dagger. Nero died on June 9, AD 68.