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Paul's Final Years

   In 57 C.E. Paul was in Jerusalem when a riot started and all thought the rioters motive was to kill Paul, he was arrested as a Roman citizen. He was imprisoned for two years by the Roman Governor Felix. After numerous pleas he was finally allowed to go to Rome to appear before Caesar. He had travel by ship, a journey that offered many perils. In the spring of 61 C.E., he was shipwrecked at Malta and his journey was postponed for some time. In Rome, Paul was treated with respect and allowed to dwell in his own house for two years. It is believed that Paul also was allowed to visit Asia Minor and other spots that he had previously visited. Meanwhile, the burning of Rome had taken place under the rule of Nero. Emperor Nero put the blame on the Christians, and as Paul was one of them he was executed along with many other around 64 C.E.

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