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Paul's Journey

    Paul believed that his conversion was a calling for him to go preach. An apostle was a missionary or emissary. Paul's title was the Apostle of Gentiles. He felt this meant to bring the Gentiles, or Jews, out of the darkness and into the light.

    1st Journey: During his first missionary journey Paul traveled with Barnabas. On this journey he emerged as a leader and developed his strategy. First he would go to the Jewish synagogue, finding Gentiles who sympathized with Judaism. He attracted Gentiles first because Paul believed Gentiles were included in God's people. After Paul's confrontation with Peter, he extended his work even further. Paul spilt with Peter and Barnabas because he thought they were threatening the Gospel.

    2nd Journey: These journeys all started from Jerusalem and returned to Jerusalem at the end. These missions took about eight years and went to all coasts of the Aegean Sea with visits in Jerusalem as well. He ended this journey with a very willful speech that is known as his last testament. The form of Christianity that Paul preached was becoming less and less similar to Judaism.

    3rd Journey: Paul was very cautious about being trapped in a support web by other churches. He wanted to stay independent and did not want to rely on churches because he knew they would lead him into debt. Paul chose to support himself from now on. He concentrated this mission on major cities on coast or trade routes. In this more settled journey me became a pastor and letter writer.

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