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¦        Han China: Territory and Population        ¦



    In 1 CE, the cencus of Han China was a population of 60 million people, and was lowered to 56.5 million people in 157 CE.  Han came directly after Qin (Ch`in), which was a short two-generation dynasty. Qin set a foothold for Han by conquering and uniting all of China.  Han's excellent foothold enabled it to hold out for 422 years: from 202 B.C. - 220 A.D.
 Because the dynasty lasted for more then two centuries, it can be one of the factors of a successful empire.  The Great Wall of China, which was the great country's main northern defense, began to fail in this time period to the horse raiders of the Xiong Nu.  

The Great Wall of China
The Great wall is shown above, as well an interesting perception of the Xiong Nu horsemen.  

      The Han map of China shows that Han definately controlled more then a city or group of people; they controlled almost all of China!  As can be seen, the Great wall of China has extended all the way across China (Yumen is a cliff, and down the west side is well protected with natural barriers.)  

        The first ruler of Han was Liu Pang, and he can be seen in the picture above; he ruled over many millions of people.  This also shows that Han was a great empire, for every successful empire had a population of millions.


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