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Han China

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Han Horse
Han Ceramic Horse

        More than any other period of time or group of people, Han China has had the most influence on Chinese culture to date. So much so that to this day, the Chinese people refer to themselves as Han Yuan or "Han People". When looking upon the qualities of a powerful empire, Han China fulfills these requirements with excellence. The only other empire that has influenced our life today so much is the Romans, and the differences are not that drastic.
    One of the reasons for the success of the Han people and culture was the government's influence on the people. The government instilled a sense of allegiance and public service in its people, and maintained a powerful military, as well as effective bureaucracies and diplomatic alliances. The government built elaborate public works, and had a uniform legal code. Arts and philosophy were patronized, and civil service was demanded from the citizens. These influences were very important to the success of the Han Dynasty.
    The territory and population of Han was vast and powerful, and society was maintained by sources of manpower and material. Lastly, centralized leadership and influential leaders, as well as uniform currencies and weights, secured triumph and achievement for the Han people and culture.

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