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These are from the historical records of Han's The History of the Former [western] Han dynasty



"The Rulers of the Former/Western Han Dynasty (Qian-Han, Xi-Han) (206 BC - 8 AD)

Han Gaozu or Gaodi  (personal name Liu Bang ) 206/02-195 BC
Han (Xiao) Huidi  194-188 BC
Empress dowager Lü , called Gaohou , reigning for two minor emperors 187-180 BC
Han (Xiao) Wendi 179-157 BC
Han (Xiao) Jingdi 156-141 BC
Han (Xiao) Wudi 140-87 BC
Han (Xiao) Zhaodi  86-74 BC
Han (Xiao) Xuandi 73-49 BC
Han (Xiao) Yuandi 48-33 BC
Han (Xiao) Chengdi 32-7 BC
Han (Xiao) Aidi 6 BC- 0
Han (Xiao) Pingdi 1-5 AD
Ying the Kid (Ruzi Ying), ruler: Wang Mang 6-8 AD"