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Resources and Manpower in Roman Empire

 This map shows the density population of the Roman Empire at its peak.  Clearly the Roman Empire had enough manpower to costruct public works and to create an army.  With over 12 major cities the population was scattered throughout the Roman Empire.  Between 138 -161 AD, during the reign of Antoninus, the population of Rome had risen to 1.5 million people.  Within the cities, there were about 46,000 apartment buildings.  The Roman Empire itself had over 60 million people.
The map to the right is a map of the resources from the different countries in the Roman Empire.  As one can see Rome was pretty self-sufficient except for the silk brought in from China.  The countries that were not under Roman rule were Sourth Arabia, Central Africa, India, Syria, Mesopotamia, Parthia, and of course China.



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