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By: Kevin Kerr, Robert Reid, Lee Rubenstein, Martin Gallagher

        The Roman Empire was one of the greatest empires known to man.  Rome was also one of the largest Empires in history.  When one thinks of the Roman Empire they think of things like the Colossium.  However the Colossium was not the only achievement that Rome was known.  Founded around 700 BC and lasting to around 300 AD, Rome had done many things.  They had one of the most intricate road works ever created, one of the most sophisticated governments, and one of the largest armies in the world.  From the links below, you will see the world behind the word Roman Empire, and why the word Roman Empire brings so much prestige today.


Resources - Kevin Kerr

Military Security - Robert Reid

Controlled Territory - Martin Gallagher

Government - Robert Reid

Currency - Kevin Kerr

Citizens - Martin Gallagher

Military Technology - Kevin Kerr

Legal Codes - Lee Rubenstein

Public Works - Martin Gallagher

Education - Lee Rubenstein

Roman Allegiance - Lee Rubenstein and Robert Reid

Bibliography - Kevin Kerr, Martin Gallagher, Lee Rubenstein, Robert Reid