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Land Covered by the Roman Empire

   Roman Empire

    The Roman Empire was one of the largest ancient Empires recorded.  It spanned from modern England in the North, to Egypt in the South, to Asia Minor and Greece in the East, to Gaul (modern France) in the West.  The Roman Empire, from the northen most part to the southern most was 3,100 miles long.  From east to west, the Empire was 2,000 miles long.  The Empire aquired this land through constant war and conquering of outside states.  These states did not just give up, they fought bravely even though they were tremendously outnumbered.  But this Empire building did not happen in 1 year, but many.  The first Great revolt that almost succeeded was Carthage's own Hannibal which ended in his near victory, but Rome, after many times of being defeated finally defeated him for good.

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