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SH3 : Special Study Hall
for Form III

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SH3 is a special new study hall concept with two purposes:

  1. It is intended to ensure regular productive access to the computer lab for Form III students. During study hall time, students are expected to do computer-based activities which have been assigned in their regular classes.

  2. It is designed as an opportunity to assure that students have certain technology skills that are important to their success, both at The Haverford School and in their lives beyond Haverford. The skills which have been identified are based on national standards that have been established for High School students. During the first few weeks of the school year, students' technology skills will be assessed and, if needed, students will be provided with opportunities to further develop their technology skills. As each student shows his mastery of the skills, the study hall will function as a regular study hall. Students are expected to have completed the basic technology skills requirement before the end of November.

To support student skill development and to assist with communication, Mr. Adams is developing a website at Check the site beginning the week of September 17 for announcements and other materials. Feel free to talk directly with Mr. Adams at any time about your individual computer needs, questions you may have, or suggestions.

Students are expected to be on time for each study hall session and to leave on time for their next class. As per school policy, three unexcused tardinesses will result in a detention.

The computer lab is a study area. Conversation in hushed voices is allowed, particularly if it is on academic matters. If the proctor can hear and understand your conversation, it is too loud. Computer games and listening devices are not allowed.

When using the computer lab (and in life), observe the three R's: Respect, Responsibility, and Reason.

Be respectful -- treat others in the computer lab as you expect to be treated. Be quiet and don't disrupt other's schoolwork.

Be responsible -- leave the computer lab in the same condition or in better condition than when you arrived. Take responsibility for your actions and inactions.

Use your reasoning power to behave with maturity, common sense, and self discipline.

Take full advantage of your time in the lab to advance yourself as student and a person. Wasted time cannot be retrieved or recycled.

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