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Warfare in Alexandria

Tactics and Warfare

    Alexander the Great had a great mind for tactics in war. His tactics were phonomonal. Alexander weapons that his army used were bows, spears, swords, calvalry, chariots. His plans consist of Alexader organzing units, deciding what to do during the battle, and making his army look bigger or smalller. Soldiers were well trained and only hand one uniform. There were only several jobs to pick from. The moral and discipline was always very high. He had other soldiers from different civilazation come and train with him so in battle they knew what they were doing. Alexader's had very good strategies, but he also had amazing tactics. If his plan did not work than he he could make it up with his tactics. Many of times when in battle Alexander was out numbered, but his tactics made up for it and he destroyed the armies. When Alexader was not fight he was in the back oveseeing the entire battle, which would make it very easy to make desions on what to do.


    Alexander the Great was in many wars and battles. These battles took over many parts of the world. Two of the famous battles are The Battle of Gaugamela and The Battle of Issus.

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