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Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great did many things for the empire of Macedonia(Alexandria)

ranging from making important changes to laws to expanding the empire.

He made great changes to the system of education inAlexandria, and

great works of art and literature were created. The people of the empire

admired him enough to gain a sense of allegance in Alexandria along

with a need to perform public service. He also created a system

for public service. Alexander the Great had many methods of warfare, and

was a great tactician. During his reign, he helped establish many great public works,

mostly temples. Alexander the Great also created uniform currencey and weight

standards in Alexandria. He also helped develop military force and technology of Alexandria.  

People loved Alexander the Great enoguh to become soldiers and laborers.  This web site also includes a timeline

of his accomplishments and maps of his expansion and conquests.

Public Works Projects
The Alexandrian Code of Law
Currencey and Weight Standards in Alexandria
Soldiers and Laborers
The Sense of Allegience and the Sense of A Need to Perform Public Service
Education and Art and Literature
The Large Territory of Alexandria
Public Service
Warfare in Alexandria
Military Force and Technology



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