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Internet & World Wide Web Skills
Netscape 4.x

Adams Toolkit:
Entering Web addresses
In the Lab
On your PC

Self Assessment

Basic PC Operation


Web addresses are entered into the Go to: field at the top of the browsing window. Although most Web addresses start with http://, it is not necessary to type this in when inputting your address.

For a website, simply type the computer and domain name without the http, such as or To go directly to this Website, you'd type Note that not all Web sites start with www.

If you want to go to a particular page on a Website, you'll need to type in the directory name and/or the file name that you wish to visit. To go directly to Haverford's Upper School page, you'd type To go to the browser page within this site, you'd type


Use the links below for tips on how to perform other Web Browsing functions using version 4.x of the Netscape Web browser.

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